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Be Prepared for the Recovery: Invest in Employee Training

Operio is offering training on the best practices in finance function management and operation.

Cloud-based accounting solutions are accessible at any time, anywhere, and provide you with a clear view of your financial information and budget planning. With this training, your finance team will be equipped for performing accurate, flexible and hassle-free bookkeeping. They will be able to focus on value-added tasks and support you in making informed decisions to achieve your business objectives.

This training, which can be tailored to your needs, will enable your employees to master the following:

  • Use of Operio platform cloud-based accounting software;
  • Accounting for the company’s buying and selling processes;
  • Management of month-end processes (bank reconciliation and matching of accounts receivable and accounts payable);
  • Visualization and analysis of monthly financial statements generated by the Operio accounting application.

With our flexible six-hour training program, your employees can decide how many hours they want to take per session. Our Operio expert will follow up with them at different times to assess their progress.

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