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Frank Silla, Owner-Manager of Voysis IP Solutions

Frank Silla is the Owner-Manager of Voysis IP Solutions, a company of 20 employees created in 2003 that provides hosted telephone systems adapted to all types of companies. 

Frank Silla began using Operio’s services in April 2018. According to Silla, “There were a number of weaknesses in my company’s finances. My Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton accountant, whom I trust implicitly, suggested Operio’s services to optimize my accounting system. I’ve never regretted my decision to go with that suggestion.” 

“My Operio consultant knows my company and cares about my success; he contacts my accountant to stay up to date with our situation. With Operio, I can access my numbers in real time. I’m totally satisfied and now I have a better picture of my financial future,” he adds. 

The Operio consultant’s role is to meet entrepreneurs’ financial management needs, particularly bookkeeping.  

Operio offers its clients a mobile app that they can use to quickly access their business’s financial data. It also lets entrepreneurs add invoices with just a few clicks to have real-time access to their financial statements.   

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