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Making life easier for entrepreneurs

BDC, the only Canadian bank devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs, now offers its customers the opportunity to use Operio, an online accounting and advisory service for SMEs.

Why have BDC, National Bank and Operio partnered?

BDC and National Bank serve a combined total of approximately 135,000 SMEs. BDC offers different types of financing solutions than those available through major banks, so we often serve the same customers. By combining our strengths, we will be better able to meet their needs. This new partnership will give entrepreneurs access to a more comprehensive offer that includes banking services, financing solutions, consulting services and cloud-based accounting.

How will the partnership benefit entrepreneurs?

BDC is continually seeking innovative ways to make our banking services faster, better and more user-friendly. Our customers will now have access to a whole new range of services tailored specifically to their needs through an integrated platform that is secure, intuitive and mobile. According to our research, entrepreneurs devote an estimated 30 percent of their time to managing their businesses’ finances. Operio provides undeniable added value by supporting solid financial management and reducing the administrative and accounting burden for SMEs. With less time spent on these tasks, entrepreneurs have more time available for business development.

Not only that, but Operio customers will receive an exclusive offer from BDC. More details to come!

How does BDC support entrepreneurs?

Recognizing that entrepreneurs are the pillars of the economy, we support them in various ways, including:

We offer made-to-measure financing solutions to support all types of business ambitions and promote long-term business growth. We provide entrepreneurs with peace of mind by ensuring they have the working capital and additional funds needed for business development and technology investments. We also issue loans to SMEs for the purchase of commercial buildings, new or used equipment or other assets needed for their business.                                                                                                                               

Consulting services
Business owners need more than capital to succeed. Whether they’re founding a start-up or running a well-established firm, entrepreneurs are faced with important questions on a daily basis. That’s why we have a team of experts on hand to provide decision-makers with advice on topics as diverse as strategic planning, financial management, sales and marketing, operational efficiency, technology selection and international expansion.

With more than $3 billion under management, our investment arm, BDC Capital, serves as a strategic partner to the country’s most innovative firms. It offers a full spectrum of risk capital, from seed investments to transition capital.