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7 Reasons to Use the Operio Mobile App

With the Operio mobile app, you can access the client portal in an instant. The app also has every feature you need to make it easier to manage your business.

1. Easily accessible at all times
With the app, you don’t need to save a URL. You can quickly access accurate, up-to-date information anytime, anywhere. Schedule an appointment with your consultant for personalized support or ask a question to a dedicated team, just by clicking on an icon.

2. Capture and add invoices with a few clicks
Save time by taking a picture of your invoices. They’ll be added to your bookkeeping automatically.* No more wasting time or running the risk of losing invoices!

3. Document exchange
Upload important documents directly and securely to your consultant. You’ll be notified when documents are added and find all your exchanges in one place. Fast, secure and efficient!

4. Access to Operio Academy
Have you got a question? Do you need help? You have exclusive access to Operio Academy, with exclusive content and tips to optimize your business. With its wide range of topics, Operio Academy can help you with technical questions from how to make an invoice to why it’s important to make a budget.

5. Access to our partners’ exclusive offers
With just a few clicks, you can access our partners’ offerings created exclusively to meet your needs and help boost your business.

6. Stay in control
Thanks to notifications and the dashboard, you stay informed in real time and have an overview of your business’s health. You will also receive information on important dates for your business and what you need to do to help you manage it with peace of mind.

7. Biometric authentication – coming soon!
Forget about remembering passwords; we’ll make your life easier with biometric authentication.

* Some additional features may be required.

To download the application in Apple Store and in Google Play.