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Top 10 Commandments of Serge Beauchemin

  By Serge Beauchemin

The road to entrepreneurship is not an easy one, it’s long and full of obstacles, but in the end, it’s worth it. This is why we’re sharing the ten commandments of entrepreneurship, which, we believe, will help guide your choices and actions. Moreoverthese ten commandments are also the rules of life that apply to everyone for dealing with all of life’s difficult situations. Do you want to succeed in business? Follow these ten commandments carefully. 


#1. You shall have ideas 

Every company is the result of an idea. Having ideas is good, but it’s not enough! Success in business is not ONLY a matter of ideas. Above all, it’s about execution, realization and accomplishment. They have to be put into practice! 

 #2. You shall work towards success 

Always keep in mind that the actions and decisions you’re about to make must propel the company towards achieving its objectives. Always look up and be inspired by the best. 

 #3. You shall make sacrifices 

Success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time, effort and a lot of sacrifice, both professionally (hard work, endless hours, etc.) and personally (work/family balance)! 

 #4. You shall succeed as a team 

Knowing how to surround yourself with competent people, but people who are smarter than you as well, is one of the keys to success. We always go further when we rely on each other 

#5. You shall show respect 

Respect in business is a very important virtue. Respecting the views and ideas of others can open your mind and build stronger relationships with those around you. 

#6. You shall be patient 

You have to learn not to rush things all the time. Making time an ally rather than a constraint is the secret of great strategists. 

 #7. You shall remain humble in the face of success 

Remember that success is always the result of several elements and that no single component can claim full responsibility for it. By sharing it, we become a source of inspiration for others, and as the proverb says: “Be nice to people on your way up. You’ll meet them on your way down.”  

 #8. You shall not lack perseverance  

Never give up even in the most difficult times. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to get a boost and reach higher peaks. 

 #9. You shall work towards the long term 

Always ensure that daily actions and decisions support the company’s long-term vision. This is the only way to ensure consistency, and clear and precise direction.  

 #10. You shall acquire wisdom 

In successes as in setbacks, there are lessons to be learned. Seek to recognize and integrate them in order to evolve towards a more peaceful and balanced future.  


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