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Why Payroll Management Should be Automated

Many entrepreneurs and SMEs still manage their company’s payroll themselves. At first glance, what may appear to be the result of a financial decision on the part of the company is in reality an expensive and complex option. Fortunately, there’s a solution for every problem. There are affordable payroll management services on the market for SMEs, such as National Bank Payroll Services powered by Nethris, that can automate the process. But first, it’s important to determine your needs (i.e., the features you are looking for) and budget. Discover the benefits of such a service for your company.

Payroll management is history

Delegating payroll management to an internal resource generates a net cost for the company. In-house staff must be hired, trained and kept up to date on all federal and provincial tax issues, or, at the very least, tax updates must be purchased for the payroll software being used. In addition, generating the payroll requires these resources to enter data manually. This is a long and tedious process that considerably increases the risk of errors, which can penalize the company.

This process no longer fits in with the economics of an SME. Today’s entrepreneurs want to maximize their profits and reduce their costs, while boosting the efficiency of their daily tasks. This is why automated payroll management tools such as National Bank Payroll Services powered by Nethris are perfectly suited to meet their businesses’ needs.

Time is money

There are many advantages to using such a service.

Time savings

Using National Bank Payroll Services powered by Nethris will allow you to automate the payroll process. Eliminating these repetitive, low value-added tasks saves you considerable time and allows you to focus on other responsibilities that will have a greater impact on the business.

Reduced risk of error

The use of a payroll management platform eliminates the duplication of several Excel files, involving re-entering data and, therefore, the risk of error. Here, all your data are centralized in a single database.

Scalable management

Payroll management services have the advantage of being adaptable to the company’s specific needs. They are comprehensive tools that offer different modules to effectively meet the entrepreneur’s changing needs. It is therefore possible to start with the basic functions and add more as your needs change.

National Bank Payroll Services powered by Nethris, you can automate government remittances or the preparation of employee tax slips that you need at year-end, and it’s all done automatically! There are also many other features: from payroll reports to dashboards for quick reference, and the support of a team of experts ISO 9001 certified to answer your questions and meet your needs. It’s all paperless and accessible directly from your online platform. Such a tool is a win-win situation, with no more worries and penalties!

Automatic updates

One of the many advantages of using National Bank Payroll Services powered by Nethris is that the service is aware of all revenue agency changes; in other words, it will automatically make any necessary updates to reflect changes or adjustments. Another important factor is that using a payroll management service will reduce the risk of error when reporting to governments, since it specializes in this type of transaction. From now on, you can be worry-free!

At Operio, our business advisors can support you in the process to implement National Bank Payroll Services powered by Nethris. Contact our dedicated experts by clicking here.