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René-Sylvain Bédard, President of Indominus Inc.

“The power of the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton network brings a layer of credibility.” 

René-Sylvain Bédard founded IndominusInc. in 2017. Latin for untameable, the name is an apt description of René-Sylvain’s spirit. An out-of-the-box thinker, he uses innovative approaches to see and understand architectures, processes and ways of doing things differently. His mission is to apply automation, artificial intelligence and blockchain to IT operations so that companies can continuously transform and grow.  


René-Sylvain heard about Operio from his accountant, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. “Since I’ve started working with Operio, I can finally focus on what’s important, that’s an undeniable advantage for a start-up company. This cloud accounting service has automated most of my operational tasks and made my bookkeeping so much easier. On top of that, Operio is connected to Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, so I benefit from the strength of its network, which brings an unexpected layer of credibility to my emerging company.”  

René-Sylvain trusted Operio to manage his new company’s accounting. Why don’t you? Benefit from a free consultation by one of our dedicated advisors, click here to fill out the form.